Greetings on the advent of the new session

From Principal's Desk
It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you dear students and parents to the new academic session 2019-2020. The nature works in a beautiful rhythm. The sun rises and sets. Night is followed by another day. Seasons come and go. So do the years. The earth spins along its axis and around the sun. The whole universe follows this pattern. We also have completed a cycle and we are about to start another, with new books, new activities, new enthusiasm and new victories. If we have learnt from experience this session should be better.

          I want to congratulate you for the progress. Cheers to those who have excelled and also for those who have made a steady progress. If you have not improved your performance, this is the time to retrospect and buckle up. It is never too late to start moving upwards. To succeed in life you don’t have to be a genius. Everybody is unique and born with some extraordinary qualities within. Therefore there is no point in comparing. Compete with yourself and beat the record.  
                       I pray for God’s blessings upon our staff, students, parents and well wishers.
With Regards
Sr. Jacintha Tauro A.C.


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